Welcome to the site of UwMasseur

May I introduce myself? My name is Jaap de Leeuw van Weenen, my practice is in Zwijndrecht. In 2004 I started studying massage. After receiving the diploma for Sportsmassage I have continued to develop my knowledge by following a number of follow up courses. The various techniques I learned are further explained under 'Various Massages'. I am currently also employed as massage therapist at Elysium in Bleiswijk, one of the best wellness centres of the Netherlands.

For all the different massages I offer I am of course officially qualified.

Contact me and find out how you can increase your well-being, relax better and deeper or increase your sports achievements. Or give someone a massage-voucher as a gift!

There is also the possibility for massages on-site: in your own home, in-company or at sporting events.