Uw Masseur

Waar de mens als geheel centraal staat, fysiek en mentaal.



Weall know the central nervous system with its controlling and regulatory functions. Besides this Western approach of health there is also the Chinese version. Here too there is a regulatory system, that can be approached through the meridian system and the Yin/Yang principle. There are great differences between the two traditions, but also great similarities.

Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese healthcare system. By placing needles in specific meridian-points the energyflow in the body is rebalanced. In acupressure the same result is sought by applying pressure to these meridian-points.

In an acupressure treatment first a thorough search is done as to the cause of the complaint. By following set protocols for different complaints the correponding meridian points are treated. This is always completed with a light massage.

This massage can not be given as a partial massage.