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Waar de mens als geheel centraal staat, fysiek en mentaal.

Haptonomic massage

Haptonomic massage

Haptonomy is a part of the human sciences. It concerns the very base of human existence from which every being flourishes and develops in order to follow his personal way of life. "Hapto" is a classic Greek root meaning : I make tactile contact, in order to heal, to cure, to confirm the other person in his existence. Touching and being touched rises body-consciousness. It also increases awareness of the environment one is in and the ability to better cope with this environment.

In the haptonomic massage I am focussed on finding the tension in your body and by using different techniques reduce or remove this tension. I also try, together with you, to find out where the cause of this tension lies. It is often simpler for you in your daily life to reduce the tension once you are aware of its causes.

This massage can also be given as a partial massage.