Uw Masseur

Waar de mens als geheel centraal staat, fysiek en mentaal.



Sportsmassage is perhaps the widest known form of massage. Almost everyone knows the man who runs onto the field to the injured player and takes care of him. But his task does not start on the playing field. A sportsmassagetherapist must understand the process of athletic training and competition, the physiology of muscle function and what happens when someone trains and competes, and the kinesiology of movement for particular sports. Because of the clear and purposeful approach, strongly related to the sports activity of the moment, this type of massage is highly appreciated. At many larger sports events nowadays massages are, sometimes for free, arranged by the event organisers.

Many also know the added value of a good massage before or after (heavy) training. Shortly before the sports effort a massage will increase the bloodflow and warm up and ready the muscles to increase the achievement. After the game or training a massage will contribute to the recuperation and injuries will heal quicker.

This massage can also be given as a partial massage.